PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Active Desktop, Multiple Choice, Working Memory

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16 Nov 2017
Memory- Retention of information
= (re) constructive process active organization and shaping of information as it is being
processed, stored, and retrieved. (Not like opening a file on a computer)
Evidence of memory-
Recall: Retrieving info learned at an earlier time (not thinking about it, but know it) Ex.
Phone number, address, essay test
Recognition: Identification of items previously learned (Multiple choice question)
Relearning: Learning something faster the 2nd time (classic riding a bike)
Memory Models
Sensory Memory- Feeling, to be remembered (Always a butt load coming at you / it
stays for a couple seconds / could be remembered if you want it to be)
Each sense has its own form-
Ionic = visual (About a second)
Echoic = Sound (5-10 seconds)
Short-term Memory- Processing
Working memory- not just brief storage, but an active “Desktop” (Makes sense of
info 7 items +/- 2)
Integrating new information with old information (Chunking, Rehearsal,
levels of processing, distributed practice)
Loss of information-
Decay- Just goes away with lack of use
Interference- Retroactive and Proactive
Proactive- Study for biology then study for Psyc, now the biology
stuff is not coded properly. The thing ahead gets in the way
Retroactive- opposite
Long-term Memory- Available for later retrieval
Relatively enduring retention of facts, experiences and skills (Enormous capacity)
Explicit (Declarative)- Requires effort to process and store (Just know certain
things about family because of interaction)
Implicit (Nondeclarative)- Taken in perceived outside one’s awareness; Info
“registers” with little regard meaning (Procedural things; Driving a car becomes implicit after
driving for a while; passwords; knowing where something is that you forgot; getting up to go to
the bathroom).
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