PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Stanley Milgram, Influence Of Mass Media, Cognitive Dissonance

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28 Nov 2017
Social Psychology: Influence
Obedience Compliance with another’s demand (Even more so when they are
unsure about themselves in the situation)
Highest when: Person giving orders is perceived as legit and is close at
hand; Authority figure is endorsed by some respected institution; Vitim is
depersonalized (at least out of sight)
Stanley Milgram (Yale University) had the heat taken off him when
Zimbardo did his prison study. (There is a video for Stanley Milgram too)
Studies were controversial and could never be replicated. His study
was fueled by his question of how Germans could have persecuted the Jews during the
Group Behaviors
Social Loafing Individuals tend to invest less effort in group work as
compared to work done alone
Group think Tendency for people in a cohesive group to focus more on
agreement, than critical thinking (Juries)
Polarization Tendency for group discussion to strengthen the dominant
positions held by group members
Social Relations
Prosocial Behaviors & Aggression
Prosocial: Altruism = unselfish regard for welfare of others … helping and
protecting others with no expectation of something in return
Bystanders are most likely to help:
Person in need, “deserving” of help; Women; Person similar
to self (age, race, gender, etc.); People in small town or rural area; Feeling guilty; After
observing others trying to help; When not in a hurry or preoccupied; When in a good
mood! (Strongest predictor)
Bystanders sometimes DO NOT help, especially in groups Why?
“bystander effect” – someone else will help; Diffusion of
responsibility not just my problem; Rationalization others aren’t helping, must be the
person doesn’t deserve help
Aggression = Verbal or physical behavior intended to harm others
More likely with: Interpersonal provocation; Frustration; Media
influence; Aggressive cues; Arousal; Alcohol & drugs; Personality; Gender; Culture
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