PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Amygdala, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Prefrontal Cortex

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6 Dec 2017
Personality Disorders: Disruptive, enduring, inflexible behavior patterns that impair
social functioning
A) Odd/Eccentric: Has to do primarily with relationships
Schizoid: Pervasive detachment from social relationships; emotionally cold
and flat; indifferent to praise or criticisms from others (Criticism and praise
does NOT affect them)
Schizotypal: Odd thoughts, speech, emotional reactions, mannerisms, and
appearance; impaired social skills; often superstitious (magical thinking)
Paranoid: Pervasive but unwarranted distrust; assume that other people
intend to deceive, exploit, or harm them
B) Dramatic Emotional Erratic
Narcissistic: Grandiose sense of self-importance; exaggerates abilities
and accomplishments; excessive need for admiration; boastful;
Antisocial: Blatantly disregards or violates the right of others; impulsive,
irresponsible, deceitful, manipulative, and lack of guilt or remorse
Borderline: Erratic, unstable relationships, emotions, and self-image;
impulsive; desperate efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment;
feeling of emptiness; self-destructive tendencies
Histrionic: Exaggerated, overly dramatic expression of emotions and
attention-seeking behavior that often includes sexually seductive or
provocative behaviors
C) Anxious Fearful
Avoidant: Extreme social inhibition due to feelings of inadequacy, and
hypersensitivity to criticism, rejection, or disapproval
Dependent: Excessive need to be taken care of, leading to submissive,
clinging behavior; fears of separation; and the inability to assume
Obsessive-Compulsive: Rigid preoccupation with orderliness, personal
control, rules or schedules that interferes with completing tasks;
unreasonably perfectionism
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