PSYC 4050 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Albert Camus, Personality Disorder

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8 Nov 2017
What are personality traits?
o Psychological characteristic reflecting:
o How one perceives, relates to and thinks about other people and
oe’s eiroet
o Enduring but still flexible
o Traits influence behavior across time and circumstances
o Some more and some less adaptive
o Little distress and/or disability
Are there trait dimensions that apply to everyone?
The Big Five:
1. Itroerted/sh……………..Etroerted/outgoig
2. Hostile/ial/old…………..Friedl/trustig/agreeale
3. Cosietious……………..Ureliale/ipulsie
4. Neuroti/aious…………….Eotioall stale
5. Ope to eperiee………………Coetioal/losed
Is personally fixed or flexible across the life span?
o I ost of us,  age 30, harater has set like plaster ad ill eer
o William James
o We otiue to shape our persoalit all of our life….
o Albert Camus
Situational Specificity Conceptualization of Behavior
o Behavior is less influenced by personality traits than by:
o Environments
o Role expectations
o Rewards and punishments
Three Clusters of Personality Disorders
o Cluster A: Odd and Eccentric
o Paranoid: excessively suspicious; expect to be harmed; avoid close
relationships; assume others have hostile intentions
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find more resources at
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