SOC 2160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Primary Sector Of The Economy, Secondary Sector Of The Economy

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Published on 23 Jan 2019
Defining race and ethnicity
Race- categories based on groups’ perceived biological differences
Ethnicity- categories based on real/perceived organizational, behavior, thought
(religion, language, music)
~race and ethnicity are social concepts
Discrimination- the physical (structural transformation of the economy,
genocide, exclusion, institutional discrimination-rules that govern
“Last hired, first fired”-company on hard times, first to be laid off are last hired.
Section 2-three critical dimensions of Race/Ethnicity
1. Culture dimension- all that “culture” connotes (norms, behaviors, language)
tremendous diversity in ethnic/racial groups often though of as a single
2. Identity dimension- psychic connections to ones “objective” group
Involves identity salience”-means importance, as addressed by
Mary Waters
Article discusses concepts such as “simplification” of ethnicity,
symbolic/ optional
3. Minority/majority group dimension- whether the group occupies dominate vs.
subordinate position indicators (educ. Power, status)
Minority vs majority are not primarily statistical terms, and
influence factors such as chances of being stereotyped and
holding individuals vs collective orientations.
Section 3-recipocal relationships between meanings of race/ethnicity & prevailing
structural arrangements
Definitions /meanings linked to racial and ethnic categories are not
random but are reciprocally related to the patterns in which the
society is organized
a. The structure= meanings linked
b. The meanings =structure linked
Split labor market- who gets to work where?
Separated into two:
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