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Lecture 16

ENG 280P Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Storytelling, Demigod

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Peter Pan
Domestic Drama:
- Importance of social appearances
- Financial burdens: a dog for Nanny
- Childish Parents: Mr. Darling petulant, needs attention, refuses to take medicine.
- Mrs. Darling retains Peters kiss
Psycho Drama:
- Map of the child’s mind: Id, Ego, Superego
- Superego: mother, nana, nightlights
- Ego: waking, conscious self
- Id: childish pleasure
- Peter (id/psychopomp) gains access only after disabling the superego
- Separated from his shadow by nana: Wendy sews
- Divided person: fractured
- Fly over sea of unconscious to enter Neverland: terrifying and dangerous
- Only remain aloft by peter remembering them, but he often forgets
- Id: childish pleasure principle, Peter, Neverland
- Neverland contains all the things the children leave the nursery to escape
- Gravity
- Aging
- Death
- Battles, boys growing up, Hook, Wendy being shot and
transcending death (put in house stick with red sap), Hook
pursued by ticking crocodile (time hounding and running out),
Boys’ underground homes, thinning the tribe, Peter empties the
nursery of life as effectively as death, living underground with
wooden box/coffin like entrances
- Yet they are surrounded by reminders of these things - time of the clock
ticking in the crocodile
- Neverland = never age or nullification, dual understanding as with Peter,
eternal youth or rotting corpse
- Marriage and parenthood (sex)
Oedipal Drama
- Son battles father for love of the mother (age versus youth)
- Wendy and peter the mother and father to the lost boys
- Hook wants wendy as a mother as well
- Hook the “father” of Neverland (Barrie’s mandate that person who played Mr. Darling
also must play Hook, linking the dream worldwith the real, ego-governed world)
- Hook “a raconteur”: sexy (red feather), powerful, exciting, grown up
- Pan the “son”
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