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Lecture 5

ENG 515A Lecture 5: Response 5

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ENG 515A

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Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui
This week’s reading talks about how the East India Company turned into a ruling body
by coming forward and re-establishing the governing structure and the law and order of
the subcontinent. These laws were based on the ancient texts of Brahmanian Gentoos
(Hindus) and Mohammadens (Muslim), this was one of the reasons which led to the
discovery of religious identities of the people living the sub continent and secularism
was dead.
The East India Company was now under the regulations of the British Government and
its interest were more than just trading. After the incident of the battle of Plassey and
the continuous war with the French led to British recruiting local Indian soldiers as
Sepoys (Sepahis), establishing an army of more than 100,000 soldiers in the Sub
Continent. These Sepoys were given great accommodations and suits with gold badges
that in a way exploited them to be used as a puppet by the British.
On the other hand, the British inaugurated several institution in the sub continent to
teach their incoming officers the local languages and culture. These officials were
spread across every level of Indian society to understand it in more depth. By the year
1780, the British were so strong and elite that they had Forts in calcutta alongside with
the non urbanized settlements of local, poor indians.
After overthrowing the rule of French in sub continent strategically, the incoming of the
British, the Subcontinent saw a major revolution as they introduced several reforms:
from education to social and financial. The subcontinent was on a new horizon!
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