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Lecture 58

ENG 515A Lecture 58: Response 1

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ENG 515A

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Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui - ms00699
In this reading, I came to know how the argument on the distinction of the
two widely spoken languages in the subcontinent was more of a political
issue and not an academic issue. I think the language really is “Hindi” and
not “Urdu” as this means camp; A language that was brought up in an army
camp. and naming a language that means a camp does not resonate a
sense of understanding. The great thing I read in this chapter was the fact
that the British identified Urdu as the language of Muslims and were
commonly calling it as “Oordoo”; on the other side. Gilchrist called it
“Hindustani”. Later, Premchan, who was not known as a historian declared
Hindustani as a simplified version of Urdu/Hindi. There became a common
notion in the early days that the language of Muslims is Urdu. Premchan
also said that all languages like Punjabi, Kashmiri, Kibar, Gujrati all were
As early as 1871, Urdu was losing momentum in the empire with scholars
like Bharantendu Harishchandra, who wrote vulgar satire against Urdu after
his important humble beginnings with urdu and contributing a great deal of
literature to it.
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