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Lecture 26

ENG 515A Lecture 26: Week 1222

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ENG 515A

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PAMSA lecture Week 12
Monday, 6th November, 2017
This session will NOT present significant events in a dichotomy between 2/3 political
Refrain from looking at everything as a struggle between good vs bad/hindu vs muslim
1939 second world war, congress ministries resign congress party resigned from
provincial elections
1942 cripps mission and launch of quit india movement by Gandhi
1943 great Bengal famine
1929 Britain declares war on germany concerns india as well
After WW1, india became a source of army, resources, etc
Unilateral war declaration cuz Britain declared war on behalf of india as well
Financial crisis Indian resources marshaled, coerced, used by Britain for their war
effort. Between 1939 and 1945 nearly rs 3.5 billion spent on defence purpose in india.
India faces galloping inflation and severe shortage.
War was knocking from a completely unprecedented door japan could enter from far
east to go against Britain in war.
India doesn’t have a choice in entering the war, nor does it have a choice in paying for
the war.
Context of deepening economic crisis led to major political confrontations between
nationalists and british colonial state so the WW1 created many ruptures.
Personalities who shaped the political forces:
Mohandas Gandhi first principle was himsa (non-violence) - civil disobedience,
deliberately breaking unfair british laws. Encouraged peaceful protests and boycotting
british goods to harm the british colonial economy eg salt march, boycott of british
Out of this political philosophy, when he calls for satyagraha (force of truth) manifested
thru peaceful protest, refusal, sit-ins, march
Gandhi during this period is going to the masses has discarded his western clothing
and is now a mahatma. He would travel in 3rd class railways, sat with the dalits
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