LACS 280Z Lecture 2: Discussion 1/24

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Lat Amer and Carib Study
Michael West

Discussion 1/24 Tuesday, January 24, 2017 1:10 PM A Movement for Black Lives • Collection of organizations representing the black community • Manifesto is much more broad and adept than the BLM manifesto • Intersectionality ○ Stemmed from a critique of white feminism who didn’t include poor white women and black women ○ Includes all marginalized black and brown women • Black people as a colonized nation They are exploited through labor, first through slavery, and now through ○ the criminal/prison system • End to the war on black people ○ Demand an end to the named and unnamed wars on black people § The war on drugs □ POC are criminalized more for drug use than whites even though usage is equally proportionate □ Started to destroy the black community ® Destroy black leadership and the black family ® To eliminate any political dissident ◊ Penalize anyone who used these drugs ◊ Targeted black power organizations and leaders □ FBI infiltrated black power movements to undermine them □ Crack vs. cocaine ® More black people used and were caught with crack which held harsher punishments than possession of cocaine § End the dehumanization of black youth □ Trayvon martin like many young black men was depicted in the media as a criminal and a threat, instead of a innocent young man □ Black youth are more often than not seen and regarded as adults than white youth □ Black youth are punished in most aspects, especially schools, much harsher and more often than whit
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