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Lecture 21

PLSC 115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Wet Nurse, Direct Democracy, Human NaturePremium

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Political Science
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PLSC 115

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Hobbes/Securing Peace (Exam 3)
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
1:12 PM
John Locke
Thomas Hobbes- moving into modern times- relationship between the ruled and the ruler- important to
determine terms- accumulating data and making judgments
3 Contracts-
Locke- Fiduciary Trust- certain individuals to see that trust (see that my wishes are carried out for the life
of that trust)- create trust for us- board members to oversee the trust- government doesn't exist before
Goeret does’t eist i aarh- canot hae a agreeet ith soeoe that has’t ee or-
government is an artificial creation- give up certain things to get other things-
Hobbes- Social (not part of the leviathan- creation of people- not b/w the people and the government-
just b/w people)
Leviathan enforces contract (must obey completely-may change mind but its only our mind/self-nature
talking)- our agreement with each other- two people come together and both want something- make a
contract (sort of like a negotiation/agreement)
By nature- e do’t pla ie- friction- e do’t like eah other ut are fored to lie together
Rousseau (Swiss)- Social- between people, enforced by people, they are the government- direct
democracy- thinks we love each other a lot but are jealous of each other
Hobbes afraid of violent death- peace and security- whatever it took
Government in the leviathan can be one person or a few people or a country
Preferred monarchy
Aod that roke the otrat are i jail ell ost…
Being born and maintained in the country- silently sign the contract)
Hoes did’t look istailit- went thru 2 civil wars- Catholics v. Protestants
Trying to make sense of his world- without government (w/ anarchy) going to be an even worse- cont.
conflict and people taking what others have
By nature- restless- we want and will do anything to get it
Every has same opportunity to do all the good and the bad (can't be bad because a lot of people are
going to be bad- just as bad/evil)
Ability to reason is what brings us to government- only thing that saves us
Government cannot be a part of the trust- would not be able to break the contract (????)
You are allowed to confront leviathan until self-preseratio…?
Human nature- isolated psychologically from each other (instinct for survival- make sure we survive at
any cost- can't become too concerned with others- orkig toards surialdo’t get alog ith other
people- friction/not all the same/diff abilities
Selfish- want things- when we get them, protect them
Soiet that’s disordered- try to work it back- do what we need to do to get what we need to do- get
back to hierarchy- equal in liberty (freedom to do what we want)
Wet nurse- hire someone to nurse baby- if not rich, family and friends- nurse for a while- many babies
used to die because they didn't have milk- creates certain domination because the male is free from the
child- does’t hae phsial oetio ith father- survival of child relies with mother and mother is
vulnerable so male becomes dominant
Justifies male domination- women are still in Hobbes' mind not free- if oa does’t hae a a,
woman is equal- once you were have children- male is dominant
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