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Lecture 3

PLSC 389E Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Bodo League MassacrePremium

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Political Science
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Yoonkyung Lee

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2/9 Lecture
The Causes of the Korean War: Who started it and why?
where did the war start?
North Koreans claims that South Koreans were provoking along the DMZ, so in order to take care of it,
NK had to take action
SK and US: say it’s NK attack on the 25th of June, 1950
War is not called “Korean War” ( ) but “625” ( )
conveying dierent messages with dierent terminology
who is “he”?
“He is militantly advocating for the unification of Korea. He openly says it must be brought about soon. He
pleads justice of going into [the other part of the country]. He thinks it could succeed in a few days.. if he
can do it with our help, he will do it.”
US State Dept. is talking about Whee Sung Man
made publicly aware that he advocated for unification by force
want to go to NK and take it by force, but SK is too weak, so was begging for military
US may have been hesitant about it. weighing dierent possibilities and scenarios,
but aggressive moves were made by SK and NK.
SK’s aggression not mentioned in master narrative.
The Korean War
it is true that 6/25, NK crossed 38th Parallel, but it is also true that SK provoked in Han Ban Do Island
SK pushed back, NK trying to free from US control
US intervened, within 2 weeks they were able to push all the way back up to Seoul.
they pushed all the way up to the Northern part of the peninsula
they pushed all the way, past Pyongyang,
China was also a new country in communism after a long, long civil war.
suering from lack of resources, all types of things imaginable
finally, both sides realized they could not continue conduct in this way
started negotiations about how to end the war, which lasted 2 years
10 months of fighting in total.
still lesser fighting after, but basically it.
armistice. line around the 38th parallel.
what we know as DMZ area
at the same time. because of the military superpower that the US had at the time, it bombed almost every corner
of the northern territory
SK was protected by US and China didn’t have it at the time.
SK was only damaged by NK pushing, but NK was completely damaged.
most bombs per area than any country, more than Vietnam War.
more than half the villages were completely destroyed.
when we talk about Korean War, we talk about atrocities committed by North Korea, but war is not like
atrocities are committed by all parties, and with more power, the eects were more destructive,
more atrocious, morebrtual
that’s SK and US, not NK
Competing Narratives of Korean War
Master Narrative (as South knows) Counter-Narrative (as the North knows)
Origin Aggressive North Korea’s attempt to take over
Colonial Origins’ the political project to
establish an independent state free of
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