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Lecture 12

PLSC 389E Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Edward Said, Orientalism, Anti-CommunismPremium

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Political Science
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Yoonkyung Lee

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4/12 Lecture
North and South shoot on the DMZ line all the time
Conservative party uses this to garner support in elections
Understanding North Korea
What do you want to learn about NK?
Orientalist (Edward Said)
when you’re talking about US or UK or Germany, we think their political system is well-instutionalized,
their politicians are rational and upstanding, etc
but when we are talking about nigeria or NK, they are:
lazy, chaotic, dysfunctional
morally regressive, economically stagnant
in addition, we think that the US is very diverse and you can’t make sweeping generalizations,
but we make sweeping generalizations easily about Asia
Euro/West-centered knowledge
John Hobson, the Eastern Origins of Western Civilization
North Korea as a disciplined regiment of men and women with completely and identical outfits and
ideology; people are starving, the Kims are crazy, corrupt, and cruel despots; a failed state.
most orientalized
as opposed to how much this statement will be okay: “Japan as a place of samurais and
ninjas committing harakiri under blooming sakura”
its not PC, but we still do this with NK all the time and think it’s okay
Caution in approaching NK-Ralted materials: Limited information BUT…
questionable sources and political biases of information: Defector testimonies
Shin Dong-Hyuk: (Escape from Camp 14)
fabricated, and camp is 16’)
Cash incentives and the Western media’s endless appetite for shocking stories.
North Korean defectors’ business, not doing for free whether they speak to journalists or
they’ve become too expensive.
more horrific story, more money
there are defectors who want to tell their stories but there are also others who
want to be paid
Political usage of NK-related news in SK to reinforce anti-communism and to mobilize support for the
conservative political force.
NK spy defected a year ago, but new coverage happening now.
whenever the Conservatives feel uneasy about electoral competition
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