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Lecture 2

PSYC 111 Lecture 2: Psych 2/2

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Binghamton University
PSYC 111

The Midbrain ● Reticular activating system- (ROS) “secretary”- receives messages from the senses- prioritizes sensory information so you are not overwhelmed so you are not bombarded. The Forebrain ● Thalamus - relays motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex. doesn’t do your sense of smell ● Limbic System ○ Hypothalamus- biological drives, regulation of hunger/thirst/temperature/circadian rhythm/sleep/sex/--Life sustaining drives ■ Simon LeVay-- find differences in brain structure based on sexual orientation. Brains from dead people, thin slices of hypothalamus, found that part of hypothalamus is smaller in gay men. ■ Small sample size, all died from aids which changes the brain, people failed to replicate. ○ Amygdala- fear/aggression responses, shows sex difference: men’s is bigger than women’s ○ Hippocampus- memory transfer. short-->long term…. If doesn’t happen: stroke, infection, meningitis… affects ability to make long term memory ■ H.M.- lateral hippocampal damage when he was young. Great difficulty learning new things. ■ Procedural memory.. Knitting or bike riding ● HM didn’t know he had procedural memory but he did ■ DORY!! She has hippocampal damage.. Fish version of HM ● Cerebral cortex- what makes us human: thinking, reasoning, problem solving ○ ¼ made of sensory and motor projection areas. Where info goes after thalamus ○ Left controls right, right controls left ○ Motor homunculus- motor senses in body are not proportional. Way more brain devoted to face and hands-- particularly thumbs-- rather than bigger portions of body. Hands and face. ○ Association areas (nonprimary areas) ■ Apraxia- problems with coordinated movement- not paralysis, can move fine but can’t do a series of coordinated action
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