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Lecture 17

MATH 141 Lecture 17: Statistics 12/1/2016

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Bloomsburg University
MATH - Mathematics
MATH 141

Statistics 12/1/2016 Example: Two tails test • Structure of à Two tails test structure • Significant level: In the example, the given level is 0.05 • Distribution: Normal The critical value will be Two tails test • Rejection region Since it is used to reject null hypothesis, its structure should be same as the alternative hypothesis. i.e. REMARK: We always need a negative sign in the lower side critical value. In the example, we find the critical value is 1.96, thus the rejection region is {Z < -1.96} or {Z>1.96} Now, we can draw the conclusion: From your sample we find the test statistic Z = -15.625, which satisfy the rejection region, so we reject the null hypothesis. One tail test • Upper {Test Statistics > Critical value} • Lower {Test Statistics < Critical value} P-value – A simple way then • Rule: 1. If P-value is less than or equal to the significant level , we need to reject the null hypothesis (to accept your ) 2. If P-value is larg
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