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CAS AN 101
Lia Calhoun

Anthro Notes: 10/1/13 Body Techniques: - The French sent their students out to do fieldwork - They would put together big theoretical insights - He was good at this - Sensitive observation skills - Looked at walking skills o When he was in a hospital o How people do what they do o How they learn to do this - Concept of technique o These are taught o Learned o Acquired o We have instincts about moving our bodies, but we also have techniques o Non-discursive aspects of culture o Mark them in a way as members of a group o The styles and skills of body techniques o What makes this up o We have to start thinking about technology as about the way in which we use the techniques o How do you use your body - Embodied o Body as a site of social and cultural phenomenon o You can read things in the body - The Total h
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