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CAS AN 101
Lia Calhoun

Anthro Notes: 11.19.13 Ritual & Symbolic Classification Pollution: - What is pollution? o Smog o Toxic Waste o The byproduct of human activity o Pollution in a symbolic or a ritual context: Defilement  Adulterating the nature of whatever it is  The Nature of something is adulterated  Invading something that the culture holds sacred  Notions of purity  Some sense of violation Mary Douglas is trying to tell us: - It is a violation - The violation has to do what is considered normal, natural, sacred - Pollution is matter our of place - Dirt is matter out of place - It doesn’t belong - It violates - It adulterates Is we have something that can be out of place Implies a system - What is that place - What is natural - What is sacred - What is space How does this relate to ideas about the rules of what fits in a system What kinds of examples does she use? - Ritual pollution o What kinds of things are out of place? o Touching the dead o Breaking social circles o Dietary laws  What people eat or don’t eat  Kosher dietary laws  The reason why we have something  Pork or pigs • Dirty meat • They roll around in their own filth  Shellfish • Can make people sick • People may have gotten sick at one point because it was not prepared correctly • Red Tide • It stuck o Mary Douglas doesn’t buy that Why does she think that pigs are considered dirt? - Pigs are fat and short and rough o Coarse hair o Pig used to describe some bad traits in humans o Pigs don’t fit into a cattle system o They are matter out of place o They are pollutive - This is the basis for why they are considered unclean o They do not fit o Matter out of place o They are taxonomic anomalies o Pigs do one thing but might not do another which would classify them as cattle - Emphasizes how they are taxonomic anomalies - Shellfish do not have scales and skin like other fish o They do not fit the classificatory system - Asymbolic classification o What fits and what doesn’t fit in a system that rules the world - We all have different systems Rites of Passage: (Arnold can Gennep) - Separation o When a person or group becomes detached from a from a before - Liminality (transition) o State of individual or group is ambiguous o No longer in old state o No longer in new one - Aggregation (incorporation) o When a person or group of people enter into a different state than when they started 3 stages used to understand Isoma ritual What is the problem that they have a
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