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CAS AN 101
Lia Calhoun

Anthro Notes: 11.12.13 Student Organizations in a Chinese University Chun-Yi Sum - Conducted her research in universities - How university students think about their role in that group - Born in Hong Kong - Raised in America and was educated here Worked briefly as a journalist as a freelance writer in Hong Kong - BAin Washington Lee university th - 6 year in the BU graduate program - Come back from the field a year ago Went to China - Did an ethnography - Stayed among university students - Guangzhou China - One of the biggest city in China - Quite developed city - Richest city in China - Factories in the area - Prosperous developing economy - The distance from Beijing, the power center of China o Political center of China She studies students: - Interested in how students think - Open area in China (guang) o Observe more exciting innovations - “South China University” - Public universities are much better than private universities in China o Much more well funded o Attracts top students from China o What kind of training that they are going through SCU: - 20,000 Undergraduate and 15,000 Graduate students - The research interest: o Student Organizations - What they are doing in organizations o What kind of things are they learning o How common this experience can be o Her informants are educated - Trying to make something that a lot of people would know about o Get a theory out of it o Challenge from the beginning - Student Organizations at BU o Competitions o Shows o Events o Activities o 460 Organizations here Meetings and people share the
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