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CAS AN 101
Lia Calhoun

AN101 Notes: Kinship Notes Distinction 1: Genealogical relationship vs. Kinship term GR –Adescriptive relationship - Biologically based-kin type - Mother’s brother - Genitor – Dad KT – Social category - Uncle - Pater - Father - We put down the kin terms that we recognize in our culture - Many people that you put down with the same term have different genealogical relationships with you Kinship calculation – the system by which people reckon their kin in any given society Kinship terms are social Kinship systems: - Divide people into categories of kin and define marriageability in terms of these categories - Respond to biological, psychological, social, and legal pressures - Defines marriage - Resistant to change Kinship systems are marriage deal with basic facts of birth and sex and death Everyone does these things - The study of kinship is the study of what different societies do with these things - Kinship is to anthropology as logic is to philosophy - American anthro became less interested in kinship in the 1970s - It is now coming back - It is crucial Distinction 2: Consanguinity: People who are related to you by blood - Not a literal blood sharing - Physiological basis to the relationship - Immediate family Affinity: People related to you by marriage - Affine: someone related to you through the addition of marriage - In-laws: Related in the eyes of the state - It relates to the idea that it is a contract - Vocab that we use around kinship came from legal scholars o Interested in who got the legal benefits of kinship Distinction 3: Bilateral (cognatic): - Nuclear family - Traced throu
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