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Gifts and Exchange Anthro Notes 10.10.13 Gift economies TheAnthropology of economic systems It was written in 1924 We have to understand it as a product of its time An economic system = an organized arrangement for producing, distributing, and consuming goods All humans have faced challenge - Of securing resources necessary for immediate and long term survival - Food is one of these resources - Whatever we lack is involved in these resources - Whatever we feel like we lack, we may seek to get it from some kind of exchange ContemporaryAmericans: - Elections - Much of what comes out when people voice their candidate preferences o Or like an occupy Wall St. o Government shut down o Something about the current economic system and what it is supposed to do  We don’t think that we should fund Obama Care Marcel Mauss is trying to get to that question, there are many ways to organize an economy Our “advanced” way is not the only way We could have more alternatives to choose from EconomicAnthropology: - Economy as embedded in the total culture - Economic systems and theories other than capitalist market economies - Directing the use of these are embedded in things like culture - Most of the theoretical principles that are derived in the economy are derived from an anthropological culture study of the capitalist market - Anthropologists realize that this limits economists because people only see one way to exchange economically Textbook Economics: - In all societies, the prevailing reality of life has
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