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CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

How the earth was made how it is: Erosion Sedimentation Tectonics Vulcanism (not god the divine mason) Those things were signs of decay or wrath Geology begins in 1669, Nicolaus Steno Use fossils to figure out the earth Layered in strata, younger on top of older Different layers are made of different things All layers are formed by sediments that are compressed together The fossils are the remains of those who had lived near the waters The "stone tongue" were shark teeth Others were other plants and animals More or less horizontal The less flat layers were collapsed caverns With commercialism it was profitable to figure all this out to get resources Realized that there were plants and animals that can be associated with certain types of rock These strata stretched across Europe Most fossils are marine Only fine sediment makes good impressions for fossils Depends on how fast the water was moving when they got deposited Cemented by recrystallization Heavy parts fall into the ocean Glaciers! Can drop huge parts of continental rock (drop stones, good signs of glaciers after the fact) Glacial maxima Ice ages when huge temperate zones are covered too Oldest rocks were before life The liquidy form of earth Primary form: first creation day Next, sediment, flood of noah Recent was from the rest of it Abraham werner Jumped on board with that But: volcanoes Secondary was where coal came from When they burned, they melted the other rocks, meaning volcanoes and tertiary IGNEOUS rocks Called Neptunists Opposed by Volcanists: they didn’t think there were different creation periods The forces seen today are the ones that had always been working together James Hutton Uniformitarianism: the processes of the past are the processes of today The theory of the earth There are some exceptions that we now conside
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