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Boston University
CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

Problems for early scientists trying to explain why things are the way they are in a scientific and not theological sense Development hypothesis solves a lot of those problems The parts of all kinds of organisms resemble each other even though they use them for different things Why patterns, and the absences of patterns The problem of Linnaean hierarchy Ecological patterns: adapted to way of life, specific Taxonomic patterning: based on reproduction (placental vs. marsupial mammals) Why this difference? Why when they need to do the same things are there huge differences? The problem of vestigial structures Why do we have ear muscles when we can't use them? Other animals use them but we can't The problem of adaptation And of imperfect adaptation Common ancestor explains: splitting of the family tree Someone became extinct in that isolated area (convergent evolution, making the same things for the same jobs) Common ancestor too! But back in the day: Cant believe- we haven't seen it No mechanism No real evidence How this all can take place mechanically: Charles Darwin Talked to alfred russel wallace came up with the same idea he had been working on for years Lamarck's vs the darwin-wallace view Now we had natural selection that makes the general population change slowly based on the better features Who had the advantage in the struggle for existance Natural selection: Populations diverged because they adapted to diff
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