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Matt Cartmill

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The First Hominoids Wednesday, March 06, 2013 10:05 AM Hominoids: incredibly flexible forelimbs Middle of africa in the forests, where the current apes are There is no fossil record found there First hominids found long the eastern edge of africa Linear, along the divergent plate boundaries Chain of great lakes- great for fossils Arthur Keith 1866-1955 Published papers that listed all the commonalities between apes and humans that made them different monkeys that can all be explained by adapting for arm swinging Makes the most sense for all of them to have descended at once from one common ancestor way back when Who is that ancestor? Ardipithecus ramidus "Practically human" -Lovejoy But grasping toe and arms too long CLIMBER and walker The claim is that because it doesn't look like a chimp at all then we must not have been descended from a
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