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Boston University
CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

Primate Origins Wednesday, February 27, 2013 10:07 AM How did the straight ahead eyes, shitty smell, and unique hands and feet develop? Almost all live in trees (so the traits have something to do with that lifestyle) Arboreal theory: Visual allows you to see depth and pathways in the trees There isn't much to smell in trees First digit for grasping branches Claws become nails for better traction Big brain to allow for all the tree learning But… There is a lot to smell in trees, and most animals that do live in trees don't have that reduction Claws work perfectly in trees Eyes to the front reduces the space between, which means you are very short sighted Most arboreal mammals don’t look like primates Ssome do: monodelphis, caluromys Catlike visual systems to help them look for insects Grasping for locomotion on fine branches But…. Teeth indicate that there are signs that the diet was more leafy Earliest primates in the tertiary period- but the earliest don’t have
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