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CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

Reproduction Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:57 AM The strategies of the different sexes are different and sometime conflict Males: undiscriminating, polygamous Features for display and fighting (sexual dimorphism) Differences in mating strategy and environment makes differences in social behavior "Social ecology" Most mammals are not social- consort with conspecifics only during courtship and rearing young Groups have increased risks of diseaseand competition for food However, defensive for safety and for scarce food Groups Female infants in primate society stay with their natal group and the maturing males form periphery bachelor groups Males control a larger group of females ("harems")- surplus males: gorillas Leads to female dominance hierarchies w/ preferential accessto resources and male takeovers w/ infanticide Males interested in stealing females and getting rid of old males, killing their rival's offspring (but this is not in the female's interest) Females have cyclicalmating to offset the issue However, for primates, the period of care is so long that between the next mating season, primate mothers will have infants and therefore reason to kill them Can use confusion of paternity- leads to polygamy in females (but do not lekk) males are permanent residents of the groups and all have access, so no one knows who the father is, and the more males means less take overs
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