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CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

Great Apes Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:03 AM Large brains Simple molars with y 5 pattern of cusps Gibbons Hylobates No external tail Orangutans Pongo We can move our arms far more than Chimps Pan Arm swinging post cranial adaptations other mammals are capable of Gorillas Gorilla Broad nose humans homo Backs and arms no longer designed for galloping Broad palate Short trunk with long arms Nuclear family groups Territorial and defend territory Larger body size means absolutely larger, but relatively smaller, brain Arm swingers and tree dwellers Gorillas have much larger jaw muscles that come over the crest of the skull Adapted for ground movement: They also require additional bone for increased neck muscles knuckle walking Solitary Common chimp Still arm swingers Humans have lost sectorial teeth that give the canines sharp Male ruled sheering backs Pygmy chimps/bonobos
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