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Matt Cartmill

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Neanderthal Life Friday, April 05, 2013 10:16 AM Bodies in the backs of caves Body: Flared out hips Burial of their dead? Barrel shaped chest Or just burying the bodies to get rid of them? Thick body But then why bury them withoutother animals In a place where it's hard to dig Deep from front to back Limb bones are curved Stronggripped hand Huge brains The occipital bun holds vision areas for the brain Brain sizes in general have been getting smaller even within the modern homo sapiens populations of the last 20,000 years Were they smart or did they just see well? Modern average is 1350 cc. Skulls from Israel: Amud, Neanderthal 1740 cc 45 KYA Skuhl 5, Modern humans 1520 cc 90KYA The Neanderthals outlasted the humans in that area When humans came out of Africa, there isn't evidence that Neanderthals were weaker reproductively and just pushed out with the tide of humanity Zygomatic Retreat Model Progressive flatteningof the face- Adaptedto the cold Heidelburg projected face Allen's rule: cold conditions=short limbs Adaptive Neanderthal pushes back everything but nose Also cold temps retard outward growth Modern finished with the nose Bergmann's rule: cold means big (more volume)
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