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Boston University
CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

Into Modern Humans Monday, April 08, 2013 10:05 AM Morphological discontinuity in the European sequence Also in the technology Altamira Cave, Spain Symbolic artifacts Concluded to be a hoax (too good) So what was new with people? Jewelry as well: Neanderthals only had very simple jewelry Language: we are tightly wired to respond to the verbal commands and communications of our fellows 1. Allows group action 2. It covers the past and the future How language does it: 3. Allows for contra factual representation a. Maybes Semantics- referentialvs. instrumental meaning b. Opinions Instrumental is a biological stimulus that communicates a simple emotion c. lies Syntax- ordering for overall meaning and rules 4. Self representation Language without syntax is protolanguage a. How the inside of your head gets outside b. Self awareness- understanding yourself from the point of view of others Brain adapations for that, shared with chimps: 5. Intergenerational memory transfer Wernicke area for sensory speech Reading comprehension area Broca's area for motor speech Phonology (making sounds, how we do it)
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