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CAS AN 290
Laurie La Porte

people are usually not good at telling other people why they do what they do interpretive anthropologydoxicchildren are seen as outside of the scope of the concept of cultureopeople think that infants dont have knowledgepeople cant seem to get at itparticipant observation add culture and context hard to put yourself in someone elses shoes american bias about how you can never really know whore going againstinfants have been neglectedfeminist critiquebabies are neglected because women are neglectedno language to communicate w inificantsagencyintention that is autonomous or independent ofree willability to make owns choicesagency vs structure infants seem as if they have no agency no choice in where they go to school what they eat etc BUT gottlieb notes that they can wake parents up at 3 am etc Beng have high infant mortality rate and they see that their infants have agency and decide if they want to stay in the world or afterlife communication barrier between adults and infants babies are messy crying going to the bathroom throw up they are bile bodies omore biological than cultural gusi
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