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CAS AS 102
Merav Opher

-Light is a messenger, it can tell us the temperature of objects, what they’re made od, and the speed they’re moving -Lighyt transports energy in the universe Measuring the Speed of Light -Attempted by Galileo in the early 1800s -Two people with lanterns stand on hills distant from one another -One person removes the shutter from their lantern, when the other sees the light they remove the shutter from their lantern. -Galileo concluded that the speed of light must be very high. There fore, very large distances or very accurate clocks are needed -The two extremes of Earth’s orbit= 2AU -2 AU/16.6 min= speed of light -In 1850 Fizeau and Foucault experimented with light by bouncing it off a rotating mirror and meauring time for it to return -The light returned to its source at a slightly different position because the mirror has moved during the time light was traveling -Light is an electromagnetic wave -In 1873, James Maxwell wrote four famous equations describing electricity and magnetism, and predicted that EM waves tavel at the speed c -C is exactly the same as the speed of light -Electromagnetism -Electric force: the pusha nd pull between electrically charged particles, opposites attract, like charges repel -Magnetic force: the force between electrically charged particles arising from their motion -Electric field- due to presence of p and e, points towards e away from p When a charged particle moves, information travels through space as a wave in the E field Other charges ar
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