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Lecture 21

CAS BI 106 Lecture 21: Anatomy Lecture 21

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CAS BI 106
Dale Pasino

Lecture 21 33117 Types of Blood Vessels Three main types: Arteries o Away from heart Cappilaries o Very small vessels. Where exchange can happen from the interstitial fluid to the inside o Diffusion can occur across them easily Veins o Returning to heart Vessel Terminology Anastomosis: 2 or more arteries converge to feed the same body region If no anastomoses the single artery is called an end artery Often an artery travels along side the vein that drains the same region. These are called companion vessels Lumen: the hollow center of any structure in the body Some Generalities Arteries o Bigger walls relative to lumen o Always branching and getting smaller o Higher pressure (closer to heart) o Most arteries carry oxygenated blood (except pulmonary) o Always lead away from heart o Usually deeper o Elasticity, keeps it shape Veins o Bigger lumen relative to wall (baggy sacs) o Feels like a wet plastic bag o Always joining others and getting bigger o Low pressure o Most veins carry deoxygenated blood (except pulmonary) o Always lead to heart o Larger veins have valves to protect against backflow o Usually more superficial Anatomy of vessels Both arteries and veins have 3 layers (tunics) Outside to in: tunica externa, media, and intima Tunica Intima (endothelium) The innermost layer of a blood vessel Made up of an endothelium (simple squamous epithelium with a basement membrane) and connective tissue. Innermost lining of every single blood vessel everywhere
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