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Lecture 15

CAS BI 106 Lecture 15: Anatomy Lecture 15

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CAS BI 106
Dale Pasino

Lecture 15 31317 Meninges All 3 meninges cover the brain and the spinal cord Brain Ventricles (holes) Spaces in brain= ventricles The ventricles are continuous with each other, and with the central canal of the spinal cord Ventricles are filled with cerebrospinal fluid (csf) 4 ventricles (superior to inferior) o 2 lateral ventricles (medial portion of cerebrum) o Third ventricle in the diencephalon Lateral ventricles are connected to the third ventricle by the interventricular foramen Third ventricle is connected to the 4th by the cerebral aqueduct o 4th ventricle between pons and cerebellum Empties into central canal of spinal cord Cerebrospinal fluid Functions: o Buoyancy: CSF supports 95 of brain weight, prevents brain from being crushed under its own weight. Without CSF brain would sink through foramen magnum o Protection: liquid cushion to protect neurons from sudden movements o Environmental stability: provides nutrients, gets rid of wastes Making CSF o CSF is made by the choroid plexus within each ventricle o Where ependymal cells filter fluid out of the blood (plasma) and secrete it in the form of CSF Brain parts Brain is made up of 4 regions o Cerebellum o Diencephalon o Brainstem o Cerebrum (80 of brain) 2 hemispheres Each hemisphere= divided into 5 lobes (functional areas) Cerebellum o Responsible for proprioception you can tell where parts of your body are without looking at it. Ex: arm in air o Fine motor skills (fine tunes movements initiated by the cerebrum) o Two regions: gray cortex, internal white matter (arbor vitae) Diencephalon o The in between brain: made up of: o Epithalamus (onaround the thalamus) Contains nuclei that are involved in negative reward behavior (developing fear or aversion) Pineal gland: endocrine gland that controls daynight regulation using hormone melatonin Jetlag
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