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Evolution of Plants

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CAS BI 108
Sean Mullen

Among largest living organisms Primary organisms producing oxygen as a result of photosynthesis Our survival is dependent on producers plants Base of food chain Terrestrial environmentmore light and carbon dioxide available so more advantageous to run photosynthesis Plants started o near bodies of water roots carbon dioxide sunlight necessary for photosynthesis Plants needed transport and support system Terrestrial plantsneed to protect all phases of reproducon Apical cellsfound at ps of roots and stems allow plants to connually grow throughout their lifemePlasmodesmatachannel that allows cells to communicate Placentaprovides nutrients resources and protecon for next generaon haploid cells of one generaon to diploid zygote of next 1 Evoluon of plants marked by 4 major events Each major event is associated with the evoluon of a parcular group of plants Nonvascular plants Prevents embryo from drying out provides mechanism from which embryo can be dispersed No transport system Plants typically small Vascular system Transport system transports water and nutrients throughout plant Allows plants to be larger rd3 major eventability to produce seeds gymnosperms and angiosperms Seeds allow for dispersal Seeds contain embryo and stored food for embryo and allow for dispersal of plant into new environment Flowering plants Fruits another way for seeds to be contained and dispersed into surroundings Aract pollinatorsevoluon of plants and insects ed together 2
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