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Lecture 11

CAS BI 216 Lecture 11: Genetics - Lecture 11 - Chapter 6, Chapter 7

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CAS BI 216
John Celenza

Lecture 11 32117 (Chapter 6 and Chapter 7) Holiday Junctions Branch Migration o all species are able to do branch migration In E. Coli: o RuvARuvB > branch migration o RuvC > cleavage of crossed strands; resolves holiday junctions by nicking o Ligation > recombination molecules Mismatch Repair in Heteroduplex DNA o wild type = GC o mutant = TA o recombination > 2 mismatches > mismatch repair heteroduplexes includes the mutations there is no two right strands o 4 different possibilities (each w 25 possibility) wtwt wtmut mutwt mutmut o starting with 1 w.t 1 mutant chromosomes 4 possible outcomes o gene conversion number of wt and mutant chromosomes at end after recombination does not equal number to beginning with 3:1 for example gene conversion occurs when mutant versus wild type sequence is in heteroduplex DNA after recombination Chapter 7 DNA Damage, DNA Repair and Mutagenis Introduction DNA damage results from spontaneous events, chemical, or radiation damage DNA repair can remove damage and then no mutation results DNA damage not removed then DNA replication can lead to mutation Types of Mutations Base Substitutions o Pu vs. Py G or A = Pu C or T = Py o Transitions
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