CAS AN 234 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Exponential Growth, Daphne Major, Antimicrobial Resistance

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Lecture Notes 1/24/17
Evolutionary Theory continued
-research assistant position w prof Hodges —>
-darwin’s argument:
-1) natural populations could grow exponentially, darwin’s elephant example, one
breeding female and after several thousand years, the earth would be a ball of
elephants, how populations could grow without any constraints
-2) despite this potential for exponential growth, natural populations normally are
relatively stable
-3) therefore…many individuals do not leave as many offspring as they might, what
happened to all those potential elephants, predation, disease, not enough resources,
elephants die and/or fail to reproduce
-4) Those with advantageous characteristics will leave the most offspring,
advantageous characteristics (best suited, fittest) trials that allow individuals to best
meet the challenges of the prevailing environment
-challenges: predators, pathogens, other dangers in environment, enough food and
nutrients, find a mate, find a good mate, have successful offspring
-different environments pose different challenges
-5) Because of heredity, offspring are like their parents, advantageous (fit)
characteristics will be passed on to offspring, disadvantageous characteristics will be
weeded out
-6) over many generations, this process, called natural selection, builds individuals
that are well adapted to their environment
-adaptations are the product of natural selection, allow organisms to survive and
reproduce, traits, example of camouflage
-reproduction of the fittest, only reason to survive from perspective of natural selection
is to reproduce
-evidence in favor of evolution
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find more resources at
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