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Political Science
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CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

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PO 111 Essay:
Topic: Decline In Party Identification
Y: More people declaring themselves independent
X: (Factors that explain why)
Every four years a presidential election takes place. Lawn signs are displayed throughout
the neighborhood, depicting the candidate they deem most fit. News stations are
constantly streaming the latest debate, as well as squeezing in a commercial or two.
America becomes engulfed by the
It happens every four years; chaos, lawn signs, speeches, judgment, commercials,
more speeches, debates and gossip. Every four years America heightens its obsession
with social media and television, because every four years a presidential election occurs.
During the course of a presidential election some Americans find themselves returning
back to the controversial and somewhat dangerous topic of politics, while others are old
pros that never turned a blind eye to congress and their decisions. Whether the voter is 18
with a fresh, young mind or 67 a distinguished and experienced adult of the real world a
voter is a voter, and on Election Day they are equal. 60 years ago, American voters
prided themselves on their values. People knew what they wanted, they prided
themselves on their strong stance against pro-choice or were actively in support of the
legalization of marijuana. 60 years ago people were openly and quite obviously either
democratic or republican. However, just 10 short years later that confidence and
assurance in party choice started to fade away. Starting in the 1960’s America started to
see a decline in party identification, and this has rang true all the way to 2013, where
most people are starting to or
already have declared themselves as an independent.
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