CAS SO 100 Lecture 8: SO 100 Lecture 8

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SO 100 Lecture 8
Culture- A set of beliefs, traditions, and practices; the sum of the social
categories, and concepts we embrace in addition to beliefs, behaviors
(except instinctual ones), and practices; everything but the natural
environment around us.
o Culture is both the technology by which humans have come to
dominate nature and the belief systems, ideologies, and symbolic
representations that constitute human existence.
Ethnocentrism- The eliefs that one one’s own ulture or group is superior
to others, and the tendency to view all other cultures from the perspective
of one’s own.
Nonmaterial Culture- Values, beliefs, behaviors, and social norms
Material Culture- Everything that is a part of our constructed, physical
environment, including technology
o A relationship exists between nonmaterial culture and material
culture, and that can take many forms.
Culture is what we do not notice at home but would spot in a foreign
Another way to think about culture is that it is a way of organizing our
o Culture even includes language
o Concepts such as race, gender, class, and inequality, are part of our
o Meanings are embedded in a wider sense of cultural understanding
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