CAS SO 100 Lecture 9: SO 100 Lecture 9

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SO 100 Lecture 9
Media- Any formats, platforms, or vehicles that carry, present, or
communicate information
o First form of mass media was the book
o Television helped fuel the antiwar movement during the Vietnam
War. It played a large role in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s
and 1960s.
Antonio Gramsci, an Italian political theorist and activist, came up wit hthe
concept of hegemony to describe the media reflecting culture and work to
produce the very culture they represent
Hegemony- A condition by which a dominant group uses its power to elicit
the volutary coset of the asses.
o “tads i cotrast to aother of Grasci’s ideas, doiatio.
o If domination means getting people to do what you want through the
use of force, then hegemony means getting them to go along with
the status quo because it seems like the best course or the natural
order of things
o Domination- Generally involves an action by the state.
o Hegemony takes place in the realm of private institutions
The media are produced by human beings, all of whom have their own
Barry Glassner asserts that as a culture we grossly exaggerate the
frequency of rarely occurring events, often through amplification of a single
instance through media repetition.
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