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Boston University
CAS CH 203
John K Snyder

th th Week 1: February 5 – 7 Introduction Objectives of OrgoPrep CH203 and organic chemistry classes throughout colleges tend to get the reputation of being very challenging. However, with confidence and a strong background, anyone can succeed in CH203 at BU. OrgoPrep is here to give you the skills, resources, and confidence to excel in organic chemistry. We will teach you basic concepts of CH203 based on personal experience, having already taken (and done well) in the course. We will also teach study habits and different helpful ways to learn and maintain the material. Because this is a preparatory course, we will focus on how to learn and think about organic chemistry, so when you take the course next fall you will quickly be able to recognize basic concepts and immediately begin to grasp more challenging applications. Course Outline Week 1 – Introduction; Lewis Structures and Drawing Molecules Week 2 – Resonance and Arrow Pushing Week 3 – Stereochemistry Week 4 – Stereochemistry continued Week 5 – NMR Week 6 – Mechanisms What is Organic Chemistry? Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the structure, properties, and reactions of compounds that contain carbon. As you may know from previous biology or chemistry courses, carbon is the primary element in the four major macromolecules in the body – carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids – and is required to be chemically characterized as living. Why learn organic chemistry? Obviously if you plan to go to medical/dental/veterinarian school, this knowledge is vastly important for your graduate school applications. Or if you plan to do research in the sciences, a background in chemistry is certainly necessary. Or perhaps you plan to pursue biomedical engineering, in which case an understanding of organic chemistry is necessary for general problem solving techniques involving the body. It boils down to this: we are
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