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Computer Science
CAS CS 101
Aaron Stevens

Functions in Alice Review Methods - can have variables and parameters (how long an action should occur) - Objects can have parameters, too Q: What is the difference between a variable and a parameter? Function - Tying data to be associated with an object • Generate data from an object • Shows that there is a property used to make the object do something • Has steps & procedures • Can retrieve property data from an object - They have a data type because it is a necessary job of a function to give back data - “prescription” for how to combine data (do two things at once, like wizard says name&title together) • a space is a valid ASCII character, needs it’s own string Scope - the idea that “saying one thing in one room is not heard in the other room” - so using a name of a variable in one page will not interfere with the name of a variable in another page (so two can be
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