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More Defining Communication & Thinking About Language and Nonverbal Symbols Humans are Communicators "Definition of Man" by Kenneth Burke Humans are: • Symbol users, misusers and creators • Inventors of the negative • Goaded by the spirit of hierarchy (moved by a sense of order) ◦ Identity: puts you into hierarchy ◦ helps us understand who we are, what we want, how to get there • Separated from natural condition by instruments of their own making (create buildings, abstract idea of wanting more) • Rotten with perfection (televisions>black and white>color>cable) ◦ Rotten with Perfection "The Perfect Body" 3. Communication is Shared • What does "shared" mean? ◦ Can you communicate with yourself? ◦ (post it note to self, reiterate to memorization INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION) • Does it need to be intentional? ◦ Can you accidentally communicate? ◦ (facial leakage) • Must it be successful? ◦ What determines success? ◦ ….(what is success?) • Words have etymological roots ◦ Communicare (to share, 16th c.) ◦ Communis (duties together, 13th c.) • Common roots create shared meaning ◦ Common, Community, Commune… Traditional Context-based Categories of Communication (IN BOOK) • Intrapersonal Communication (self) • Interpersnal Communication (2 people) • Small Group Communication (3-15) • Public Communication (few to many, often in person) • Mass Communication (few to very many & always mediated)
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