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Nonverbal Symbols Include

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Tammy Vigil

Nonverbal Symbols Include: Updated Sep 17, 2013 • Vocalics (volume) • Visual symbols (peace sign) • Kinesics (gestures, body movement, KNOW CATEGORIES) • Proxemics (use of space around us) • Haptics (use of touch) • Artifacts • Remember: Like words, nonverbals can have multiple purposes and meanings (e.g. the same gesture can have multiple interpretations) Proxemics: Giving Space Meaning • Edward T. Hall Distance Zones Public Zone: 12 ft Social Zone: 4-12 ft Personal Zone: 1.5-4 ft Intimate Zone: 0-1.5 ft • Establishes Parameters of Relationship • Context-based • Culture-based • Fixed v. Semi-fixed space Sheldon, illogical and irrational social boundaries Representing Reality: Nonverbal Influences on Meaning (pictures) Nonverbal Influences: Anthropomorphizing 2 things: relate things similar to our situations encourages us to read animals the way we would read humans Multiple Meanings Interpreting Symbols Type of Meaning: Denotative • Most widely shared meaning • Attempts to be "objective" • Akin to a "dictionary" definition (usually first entry in a diction, subsequent entries attempt to capture other types of
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