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Making Messages

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Making Messages Updated Sep 26, 2013 Presentational and Discursive Considerations Making Effective Messages • General Considerations: Context: environment where the message is interpreted, influences how the messages are recieved Audience: always have to take them into consideration Purpose: what the point is Expectations: proper professional language Constraints • Discursive Considerations Is a discursive approach appropriate for the audience, context and purpose of the message? What types of discursive forms are most appropriate in this situation? What language selections follow the 6 Cs of effective language use? What language considerations should you make? words, narratives, • Six C's of Effective Language Use Clear 1 Say what you mean… what you actually mean 2 Don't assume your audience will "get your message" 3 Euphemisms and other vague language is only useful if your purpose is to leave room for ambiguity 4 Avoid using "big" words for their own sake but… 5 Use words appropriately--a good vocabulary can make your message clearer 1 Sometimes a "big" word can be the best option Concise 1 Never use 10 words when 3 will do 2 Remember Occam's Razor/the Parsimony Principle… 1 --"Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily" 3 Always use the number of words necessary 4 A healthy vocabulary can help you become concise Concrete (vs. Abstract) 1 Transportation 2 Automobile 3 Car 4 Sports Car 5 Classic Sports Car Colorful (or creative) 1 Adjectives and adverbs exist for a reason 2 Use language tools to make yourself clear and interesting 3 Don't use just for the sake of adding words- make sure they ADD to your message effectively 4 Sometimes clever use of words is appropriate sometimes it is not Culturally Sensitive 1 Avoid sexist language 1 The "generic he" is SL- so is the "generic she". AVOID SL. 2 Avoid racist language 3 Avoid homophobic language 4 Know your audience and yourself 5 Think about Burke's T
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