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Communication Ethics

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Boston University
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Tammy Vigil

Communication Ethics Updated Nov 7, 2013 Good people speaking well Ethics: A Classical Concern • Aristotle Nichomachian Ethics: how we are good, not just effective • Cicero "A good man speaking well." • Debates over "Effective" v. "Good" communicators • Can't be good without being effective. But can be effective without being good(?). (x2) Ethics • Different, but related, concepts: morals -more individual ethics -shared laws -acts of ethical standards Why Ethics Matter: (missing some) • The power of communication demands some "Checks and balances" on how we weird that power as communicators • Communication Careers are build on reputation ethos (credibility) 1 competence: do you know what you're talking about and do you know to talk about it accurately 2 integrity 3 legitimate power: power bestowed on you by authority Typs of Ethical Theories PG. 135 • Teleological Ethics: focus decision making on consequence/OUTCOME 1 Focus on consequences (ends) 2 Ethical egoism (me centered) 3 Utilitarianism 1 Act utilitarianism (best thing for the one) 1 Best action to benefit the most 2 Little value on precepts, precedents don't really matter when making decisions 3 Don't base decisions on what happened before 2 Rule Utilitarianism (best th
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