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Evolution of Dominant Media

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Boston University
Core Courses
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Tammy Vigil

Evolution of Dominant Media Updated Oct 10, 2013 The Electronic Age Electronic Age • Radio • Television • Internet • Special considerations: adoption of innovation cost , development of technology Diffusion of Innovations: how we get new tools out into the marketplace and into the hands of other people • Early Adopters: those people who get it first (techys) • Opinion Leader Influence 1 everyone is in some way an opinion leader 2 opinion leaders have specific credibility in specific area Remember Ethos? (credibility) Monomorphic opinion leaders: trust on particular topic, but only that topic Polymorphic opinion leaders: trust for multiple topic • Cost Variations • Decided decrease in distribution time • Time to 50 million users: Radio 38 years TV 13 years Internet 4 years Radio Evolution • First radio station: 1897, England • AM radio first aired in 1906 • First college radio station: 1920 (union College) • 1930s= FM Radio • 1960s transmitter radio devices emerge • 1992 satellite radio launched • 2001 Apple presents the iPod Radio: Implications • The "Pseudo-Oral Tradition"
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