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Core Curriculum
CAS CC 101
Monica Patterson

11/19/2013 ● Philosophy is shocking. ● Socrates though philosophers should rule. ● Aperson who wins a power struggle is the captain of the ship. ○ They are good at gaining power, but they don’t know how to rule. ● Justice is what the ruling party thinks is advantageous. ● Relativism→ Values are defined by and dependent upon the people who hold those values. ● Definitions are either too broad or too small. ○ Agood definition is universal→ spans all of the particulars. ■ Particulars come and go, but the definition remains. ● Turning→ a complete change in attitude towards the universal. ○ Your eyes are turned in a different direction as a student. ● Philosophers prefer what is permanent, universal thought. ● The number is the constant factor in all countings. 11/26/2013 ● The cosmos are fit together musically as a harmony. ● Muses are goddesses of inspiration. ● The soul reflects the ordering of the cosmos. ● Music is mathematics through its various chords. ○ An octave used the ratio 2:1. ● Socrates uses a
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