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Core Curriculum
CAS CC 202
Tyler K Perrachione

Humanities 202 Discussion Tyler 1/16 + 1/17 th Nietzsche late 19 Century – Height after romantic era – Return to love for other people, emotion, no reason/ration – Strength of the individual and vastness of nature – Mid to late 19 century – Dwindling of religion- questioning facts and noticing contradiction – Darwinism- scientific reasoning, evolution – Dwindling faith in humans – Urbanization- romanticism isn't for everyone – Reason is to varied in the human population – Age of discombobulation, no faith in human progress – Industrialization, urbanization, mechanized warfare (chemical warfare) – Poor living/working conditions, depressing alienated city lifestyle – We can only rely on ourselves – Nietzsche believed that prior assumptions and theories of morality and ethics are shallow – believed they were false hopes (like heaven) that construed peoples lifestyles – rejected judo-christian beliefs – they were life denying/ emasculated western society/created a herd mentality – these ethics renounced peoples lives and denied them the opportunity to fulfill their potential (Slave-Morality) – we can choose to be the ones who force ourselves on others or subject to the sovereign barbarians – kindness and consideration is a weakness in life while essentially life is all about exploiting the weak – trans valuation of values= a redefinition of what we should value and what we should condemn: – reject what makes us weak and accept what makes us strong and powerful Beyond Good and Evil CHAPTER IX. WHAT IS NOBLE? – Elevation of the type "man" – PATHOS OF DISTANCE – The feeling that you are better than other people – Pathos → Foundation of all aristocratic societies – “Men with a still natural nature, barbarians in every terrible sense of the possession of unbroken strength of will and desire for power, threw themselves upon weaker, more moral, more peaceful races” – “[A] healthy aristocracy..should not regard itself as a function either of the kingship or the commonwealth, but as the SIGNIFICANCE and highest justification thereof—that it should therefore accept with a good conscience the sacrifice of a legion of individuals, who, FOR ITS SAKE.” – Aristocratic government is above its people – “society is NOT allowed to exist for its own sake, but only as a foundation and scaffolding, by Humanities 202 Discussion Tyler 1/16 + 1/17 means of which a select class of beings may be able to elevate themselves to their higher duties, and in general to a higher EXISTENCE” – People are “instruments” of the government – If everyone had the same will there would be dissolution and decay – Denial of Life – “Life itself is ESSENTIALLY conquest of the strange and weak, suppression.. and at the least, putting it mildest, exploitation” – Life is the Will to Power – “Exploitation..belongs to the nature of the living being as a primary organic function, it is a consequence of the intrinsic Will to Power, which is precisely the Will to Life.” – Two types of primary moralities: Master-Morality (rulers) and Slave-Morality (ruled) – “in all higher and mixed civilizations, there are also attempts at the reconciliation of the two moralities, but one finds still oftener the confusion and mutual misunderstanding of them.” – For the rulers, "bad" means practically the same as "noble" and "despicable" – “The cowardly, the timid, the insignificant, and those thinking merely of narrow utility are despised; moreover, also, the distrustful, with their constrained glances, the self-abasing, the dog-like kind of men who let themselves be abused, the mendicant flatterers, and above all the liars”
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