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CAS HI 175

Perpetua’s Passion Paper Due Monday, 2/25 Title: has to be about paper What is Perpetua’s passion? -theological; what is her great love?—her faith -does she become Christian for the same reason other people do? -memory of her death—what is the significance? – how does memory commemorate? -family life in Perpetua’s world -social status (status of her maid, Perpetua’s status) --how is status in the Roman empire shown? Discuss Carthage… -ex. Titles: The Appeal of Christianity, Daily Life of An Outpost of an Empire, Against Christianity -family; Perpetua’s family or the general’s family -focus on Perpetua’s Passion, tie back to Strayer textbook Lecture Notes Lecture: 2/20/12 India --Why is India not an expansive state? There isn't a centralized empire seen in other empires Pg. 111-- take note of question Ideology of mandate of heaven-- ruling ideology for the Chinese Political theory; theory of mutual obligation b/w emperor and the people -Buddhism (Imperial China) Chp 4- talk about some of the ideas that emerge in various empires that support empire and give people a meaning to their life (personal meaning/social order/imperial stability) Cultural and religious ideas Confucianism & Daoism- Spring and autumn period; central govt collapse, rise of imperial power Less imperial stability b/w 6th and 4th BCE, emergence of powerful thinkers Shi-- an educated class; class designed to rule; not the uppe
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