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Lecture 13

SMG IS 223 Lecture 13: Notes - Information Security

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Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Information Security System Vulnerability and Abuse o Why systems are vulnerable When large amounts of data are stored digitally, on computers and servers and in databases, they are vulnerable to many more kinds of threats than when stored in manualphysical form o Hardware Problems Breakdowns, configuration errors, damage from improper use or crime o Software Problems Programming errors, installation errors, unauthorized changes o Disasters Power failures, flood, fires, etc. o Use of networks and computers outside of firms control Domestic or offshore outsourcing vendors Internet Vulnerabilities o Biggest Internet vulnerability hackers Network open to anyone Size of Internet means abuses can have wide impact When Internet becomes part of the corporate network, the organizations information systems are more vulnerable to actions from outsiders Use of fixed Internet addresses with permanent connections to Internet eases identification by hackers Email attachments Email used for transmitting trade secrets IM messages lack security, can be easily intercepted
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