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Lecture 1

SMG IS 223 Lecture 1: Notes - Chapter 1

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Information Systems
SMG IS 223
Stephanie Watts

Information is now considered equally if not more valuable than natural resources Information is currently a new revolution, similarly to that of agriculture and the industrial revolution: now we are in The Information Age Printing press was the first major innovation Technology grows at an exponential rate, advances happen much more rapidly Changes in organizations and society o Megatrends Mobile computing Many believe we are living in a postPC era In the developing works, mobile devices often leapfrog traditional PCs Implications include increased collaboration, the ability to manage business in real time, and new ways to reach customers In developing worlds, there isnt a set infrastructure, by having mobile communication and fast broadband you are able to connect less developed countries to the rest of the world Mobile can make use of satellite so you dont need to create a new network Increased collaboration Consumerization of IT consumer devices o Consumers are able to bringbuy their own IT devices without the additional interference of companies Increases security concerns as well as additional monitoring of BYOD which can disrupt flow of information (PC to Mac) Social Media Creates a global community, connections both personal and professional in ways you otherwise wouldnt Immediate news Web 2.0 anyone can produce a website as well as report on current events New method of feedback and sharing of information for business and customer service Virtual customer profile (can be sold to organizations) New personal market paid to post ads on popular websitesblogsposts Creation of trends The Internet of Things Devices have embedded computers and sensors, enabling connectivity over the internet Ex you can be at the grocery store and check your phone to see whats in your fridge Cloud Computing Web technologies enable the Internet as the platform for applications, processing and data
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